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Natural Muscle and Joint Cream. How Cor-X pain cream can help.

Our specially formulated natural muscle and joint cream formula has a unique blend of 17 homeopathic remedies, that work synergistically to help reduce pain, swelling and discoloration from bruising associated with minor injury and also from blunt trauma. Our cream stimulates and speeds up your body’s own natural healing processes to help reduce pain, swelling and discoloration. The effects are cumulative and continues to improve with continued application. It can be subtle, because the pain is not suppressed, as it is with other products, Instead pain is relieved by your body’s own naturally occurring endorphins that are released during the healing process. Therefor the outcome is long lasting, since the body’s own healing mechanisms have been activated.
What is bruising?
natural muscle and joint cream
Natural Muscle and Joint Cream
When your skin comes into contact with an object in a direct manner, you will likely be left with bruising. A bruise occurs when there is blunt force contact between an object and any part of your body, and the resulting damaged tissue and capillaries allow blood to spread underneath the skin. Bruises are most notable because of the discoloration they cause to the skin, a characteristic caused by the loose blood, and the meaning behind to the phrase “black and blue.” Cor-X offers natural muscle and joint cream to many types for most types of bruising.
Bruises are not usually serious.  They are not likely to linger for more than a few days depending on the severity, and are at worst just sensitive to touch due to the damaged tissue’s effect on the surrounding nerves. However, there can be varying levels of severity. A more serious bruise can lead to hematoma, which is more also known as internal bleeding. If this occurs, there has probably been a hemorrhage beneath the skin, sometimes the hemorrhage can even be in the organs. The difference between a bruise and a hematoma is that, the hematoma will be much more painful to touch. Hematoma’s can also last significantly longer and sometimes they can even require surgery to treat or remove.
natural muscle and joint creamThe severity of a bruise depends on the amount of force that occurred. Light bruises will usually result in only minor swelling, and will require nothing more than ice and maybe painkillers. But the location of the impact is a key factor. The seriousness and risk of bruising increases when the impact takes place on or near organs, bones, tendons, ligaments, or, the head. Cor-X cream’s unique formula offers natural muscle and joint cream for quicker healing and recovery.
Whenever bruising results in the spreading of blood or other fluids beneath the skin, or increasing pain that affects movement of your extremities, medical attention should be sought. Improper treatment can result in poor healing and can also lead to lifelong complications or permanent discomfort. Sports is often the most common cause of bruising.