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“Cor-X Pain Cream is amazing. I had a swollen Achilles tendon that responded over night – no pain and almost no swelling left.”
“I’m in my mid 50’s and have been athletic all my life. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of products regarding pain relief. Recently I’ve tried Cor-X Pain Cream and I have to say, it’s outstanding. After 2 hours of tennis, my shoulder was sore, I applied Cor-X, before bed, and in the morning. What a fantastic  cream!!”
“I injured my shoulder in the gym roughly 6 months ago & had tried everything to try and heal it. The list includes resting it, massage therapy, & yes even other pain creams. Yet nothing seemed to help. That is, until I tried Cor-X pain cream. I’m not back to my regular workout routine! I would highly recommend Cor-X to anyone with pain or discomfort in their joints.”
“I have tried the cream 1/2 dozen times especially when I was reluctant to use A5-35 because of the stink it produces, I was quite pleased with how I felt using it and the results. I think you are on to something that has great potential in the market.”

Cor-X Pain cream brought me great relief from the first time using it. The cream has done wonders for me, I will not do with out it if I can help it. As you know I’ve dealt with with Fibromyalgia, Osteo -Arthritis, and Mastocytosis for many years. With muscle and joint pain and being so ultra sensitive to everything in my environment, I can use the cream with out hesitation. All I can say it it has been the best product for “my condition’s”
and has been a God send.

Thank you for bringing it to the market, great success!

This is a testament to the wonderful pain cream you have developed “ COR-X Pain”. The top of my shoulders and neck were tight and painful after planting flowers, I applied this cream and within less than 10 minutes I received much needed relief. I am truly thankful to have found this pain cream and will gladly recommend its use to my friends.