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Cor-X pain cream works best when used regularly twice a day as needed.

Our specially formulated unique blend of 17 homeopathic remedies consisting of Arnica works synergistically to speed the healing of:



Injury caused by overexertion. It works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing tendencies, not by simply masking the pain. Pain is relieved by the body’s own naturally occurring endorphins that are released during the healing process that our cream stimulates.
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Sports Injuries

Sports related injuries such as painful muscles and joints, bruising, swelling, sprains and strains. Overexerting certain muscles or body parts over a period of time can lead to a chronic injury, also called an overuse injury. Common overuse injuries include stress fractures and tendinitis.
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Repetitive Stress Injuries

Pain and inflammation associated with repetitive stress injuries. Its effect is cumulative and improves with continued application and can be subtle because the pain is not suppressed as with other products but is relieved by the body’s own naturally occurring endorphins…
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Minor Rheumatic Joint Pain

Help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with rheumatic arthritis(RA). With RA, inflammation can occur at any time. Although RA is considered a chronic disease, it typically does not progress on an even or predictable course.
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Swelling is a normal response to injury or surgery. Typically, swelling resolves on its own with a few days or weeks. There are instances, however, when swelling does not subside, causing pain and impairing function.
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Pain, swelling & discolouration from bruising

Any time that your skin comes into contact with an object in a direct manner, you will likely be left with bruising. Bruises are most notable for the discolouration they cause to the skin, a characteristic attributed to the loose blood, and the common relation to the phrase “black and blue.” Bruises are not serious in  most cases, however, as with an injury there are varying levels of severity.
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