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How can Cor-X pain cream help with swelling 

Our specially formulated unique blend of 17 homeopathic remedies work synergistically to help reduce the swelling associated with injury and trauma. It works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing tendencies, not by simply masking the pain. Its effect is cumulative and improves with continued application and can be subtle because the pain is not suppressed as with other products but is relieved by the body’s own naturally occurring endorphins that are released during the healing process that our cream stimulates. The outcome then will be long lasting as the body’s own healing mechanisms have been activated.
Swelling is a normal response to injury or surgery. Typically, swelling resolves on its own with a few days or weeks. There are instances, however, when swelling does not subside, causing pain and impairing function. Recurrent joint sprains can result in chronic swelling due to damage that occurs to the underlying lymphatic and circulatory structures in the area of the sprain. Trauma that results in a laceration or bruising can lead to unresolved swelling if your body is unable to reabsorb the fluid on its own.
Swelling in the traumatized area that may or may not resolve with elevation of the extremity. You may notice skin texture and color changes as well. You may experience mild to moderate sensitivity when pressure is applied to the area.