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How Cor-X pain cream can help overexertion

Our specially formulated unique blend of 17 homeopathic remedies work synergistically to speed the healing of injury caused by overexertion. It works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing tendencies, not by simply masking the pain. Pain is relieved by the body’s own naturally occurring endorphins that are released during the healing process that our cream stimulates.

What can happen when we overexert our muscles

Overexerting certain muscles or body parts over a period of time can lead to a chronic injury, also called an overuse injury. Common overuse injuries include stress fractures and tendinitis. The first symptoms may be soreness or aching in a muscle or joint. If you continue to overwork the area, you can worsen the injury, along with your pain. Any pain warrants slowing down or discontinuing exercise temporarily. Report any worsening or persistent pain to your doctor.

Injuries from overexertion

Overexertion injuries are a common occurrence in the workplace and in everyday activities. More than three million people are affected by overexertion injuries each year, and that’s only the number of people who seek medical attention. Being physically fit helps, but does not prevent such injuries. The only way to avoid overexertion is to be alert to personal limits. Pushing yourself past your limits is a popular motto for workouts and life, but you must remember to protect your body and mind at the same time.

What Causes Overexertion?

Overexertion is thought to be reserved for injuries in the workplace, when performing a particular task becomes too much for a person.
But, it can actually happen to anyone at any time while performing:
• Extreme physical labor at home
• Sports
• Exercise
• Motion-control video games
• Woodworking hobby
• Handling heavy objects
• Reaching
• Prolonged bending at waist
• Poor posture
• Exposure to vibration against body